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DarkshadowSAS, LangolierVII, zantherios, peace to y'all now let us see some awesomeness

new song up

2009-11-04 19:54:20 by calh0untyp00n

lets us here some noise!!! ok this song is part of a collaboration between me and two of my friends just bouncing off ideas and beats improving upon each other. one my friends has a Newgrounds account under the name zantherios so look him up as well. peace out people

first week on NG

2009-02-17 19:20:54 by calh0untyp00n

yes this is my first week on the NG site! still getting the hang of it however being a newgrounds fan for a while a know a lil and as of so far I seem to be doing good on my music reviews. there will be more to come so keep sharp!